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I International Congress “TRANS.ARCH. Archives in Transition: Collective Memories and Subaltern Uses ”, Frankfurt am Main

TRANS.ARCH, a project funded by the European Union, in the Horizon 2020 program, MSCA-RISE, in which universities from Latin America and Europe participate, cordially invites you to its first congress.

Date: April 26-29, 2022

Location: Goethe University of Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Organizing committee:

President: Prof. Dr. Roland Spiller

Secretary: H. Natalia Rojas Azócar

Academic Committee: Prof. Dr. Daniel Link, Prof. Dr. Daniel Nemrava. Dr. Manuel de la Fuente.

In cooperation with Dr. Pilar Mendoza (organizer of the special panels on Colombia)


In the field of memory studies, there is broad consensus that challenging interlocking national and transnational collective memories can strengthen democratic structures. These conflicts around memory processes reveal the central importance of archives in the construction of collective memory, especially when it comes to experiences and knowledge of subalternized groups, historically excluded from public debates.

The TRANS.ARCH project has as a general objective the investigation of the current uses and functions of archives in the context of crises related to globalization. It investigates how archives allow new elaborations of historical and social models, offering a basis for a new approach to the cultural heritage of societies.

The team focuses on the different political, judicial, cultural, and artistic uses of archives developed by collectives of women, migrants, sexual and gender dissidents, and racialized groups in Europe and Latin America.

This will be the first of the congresses where the completed or ongoing research of those who are part of the project and invited people will be exhibited annually.


1. History, concepts, theories, techniques, methodologies, and aesthetics of archives. New considerations.

2. The creation and use of archives by subalternized groups: women, LGTBIQA+ communities, racialized people, migrants, disabled people and religious minorities, in art, literature, cinema, academia, activism. Disarticulation of dominant discourses.

3. Special focus: Colombia - processes of peace, migration, and construction of collective memory.

4. Archives in the didactics of Spanish language: methods and critical views.

Participation: Those who have completed an academic research on any of the topics or who have an ongoing research can participate. Papers that have not been published or exhibited in other congresses or academic events may be presented. Works in Spanish or English will be accepted.

Important Dates

Deadline for abstract submission: December 15, 2021. A summary of the proposal (250-300 words) must be sent to: congreso.trans.arch@gmail.com.

Notification of acceptance: January 31, 2022 per email. The participant must confirm their attendance until February 7.

Deadline for final paper submission: March 25, 2022.


- More information about TRANS.ARCH: https://trans-arch.org/

- Registration I TRANS.ARCH International Congress: congreso.trans.arch@gmail.com

- Announcement on the portal romanistik.de https://romanistik.de/aktuelles/5571

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